Postal Instructions  

Whilst the online process is a much faster (and our recommended option), you can still perform postal requests if necessary as shown below
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We require the following information:

- Site Address of the property to be searched (we also require a postcode and/or Easting/Northing grid references).
This should be on your company headed paper which clearly shows your company name, address and also an email address to which the PDF response will be emailed to.

- Site Plan should be included showing the property extent to be searched (highlighed in red) with clear roadnames marked. Please be aware that poor plan quality or insufficient address details may result in delays.

- Payment in the form of a cheque payable as below
     Gas Distribution Search: £43.61 (Inclusive VAT) payable to 'Utilitysearch'
     Gas Transmission and Electricity Transmission £76.60 (inclusive VAT) payable to 'Utilitysearch' (does not include gas distribution search)
                 NOTE: Both searches above are different, you should ideally submit a search for both gas distribution and gas+electric transmission as above, with separate cheque made for each.
                These charges are standard for most searches, however if your search area is very large then a bespoke costing will apply.

The standard charge is based on a plan with a scale of 1:1250. This would roughly cover 500m x 270m if printed on A3 and varies depending on scale, orientation and printing medium. If the area is densely populated with Infrastructure then 1:500 scale may be required and this will reduce the overall size of the printable area conversely if there is very little infrastructure in the area for example a pipeline crossing fields then results may be produced on 1:2500 scale covering a slightly larger area. If the information cannot be clearly displayed on the plans detailed above for example large areas with densely populated infrastructure then they may be priced at a bespoke rate by the engineer; if this is the case then you will be informed and asked to confirm payment prior to work being undertaken. If you do have any query regarding the pricing then please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Please send the above information to :

Mansell House
Aspinall Close

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