Overview of UtilitySearch  

Via this portal, you can easily submit your Electricity and Gas Easement/Wayleave searches to National Grid Electricity Transmission, National Gas Transmission plc. and/or Cadent , where they will be available for immediate processing by the engineers. This is far quicker, more efficient and more environmentally friendly than sending your requests via the conventional postal method.

Below shows the basic steps for submitting online, directly to the operators

Once you have an account, the process overview is as follows:
Step 1) Login & enter your Site address / coordinates
Step 2) Upload your image file of the site (generally scanned in - See below), or forward these to us in the post
Step 3) Make Payment of the relevant amount per request (via credit card, cheque, voucher, credit account*)
                 Gas Distribution Search: £36.34 plus VAT
                 Gas Transmission Search: £36.34 plus VAT
                 Electricity Transmission Search: £36.34 plus VAT

Step 4) You will receive your results as a PDF file, typically within one to two business days.
Where very large areas are required there may be an increased fee, please contact us for an individual quote if your area is over 2 sq km in size.

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You will be emailed a PDF document containing the response documentation and maps if applicable as soon as an engineer has processed your request. All your requests/responses are also saved in your account for future reference.

Uploading Site Image files: If you cannot scan/photo your image in (as JPG/GIF/PNG/PDF file) or have not got access to software to produce these files then you can simply select 'Plans to follow in post' we will create a header letter for you to print and add to your plan so that you can place it in the post...easy! Since you have paid online and we already have the rest of the site information, time will still be saved so please don't let the fact that you have no scanner put you off.

We also support 3rd Party search companies to use this portal, enabling your company to enter a response address per request so that your client receives the documentation directly via email. We also have additional interface tools avalable for 3rd Parties with large volumes, please contact us for further information.


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*Credit Account available subject to credit checks and substantial number of monthly submissions.
Where payment via Cheque is made, responses will not be available/sent until payment has been received.
Copies of your response documents where in electronic format can be downloaded at any time, postal copies may be subject to additional charges.











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