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Utilitysearch is the official online partner to request Easement and Wayleave searches directly to National Gas and National Grid. We have been operating for over 20 years and are contracted to administer this service on behalf of National Grid Electricity Transmission plc (Electricity Transmission) and National Gas Transmission plc (Gas Transmission). We also provide Cadent Gas distribution search results. Differences in searches explained here.

Through this internet portal we can provide a fast turnaround on Easement/Wayleave search requests which will include advice as to whether your site may be affected by their infrastructure or not via Easements or Wayleaves and also includes provision of maps* to ascertain asset locations ensuring a more expedient service for your clients.

Simply enter your search address and upload your site plan. When the engineers have processed your request, you will be sent your response and appropriate infrastructure plans immediately by email. Please see the overview or faq page for more information.
*Provision of maps is subject to infrastructure present in the vicinity of the search area, service pipes or cables may not be shown but could be present.






The information on this website and provided as a result of a customer search request, is intended for the sole use of those individual enquiries.
Information on this site must not be replicated or used on any other website or in documentation other than that connected to specific and relevant customer enquiries.
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